Startup confessions: love affair

In this video I will recognize my love to Berlin, Kraftwerk and talk 10 minutes about our social robot / talking chatbot for eldercare.

If you don’t like watching a Finn talking too slowly, scroll down and check the major details in writing.

In the above video you will find the following:

1. THE VISION: how we want to make sure our aging loved ones can stay safe and live in their homes as long as possible

2. THE CHALLENGE: aging population = a.) lack of nurses b.) worried families c.) inability to use digital services d.) loneliness.

3. THE SOLUTION: our voice-controlled digital assistant can have actual conversations with customer & understand the context of the speech. Revolutionizing homecare & giving 24/7 safety & companion for homecare customers.

4. THE MARKET: Global homecare market estimate: 500 billion dollars in 2025. Our focus first in smaller language areas = DACH + Nordics.

5. THE BUSINESS MODEL: Subscription model, B2B sales to homecare providers.

6. THE TRACTION: Existing product, an instant-messaging service for eldercare, creating already revenue and user base is expanding rapidly.

100 000e pre-seed + 62500e public funding.

Contracts with 3 cities for piloting the social robot.

7. THE MONEY: Starting seed-round, closing Q1/2019. Target: 500k€ 8.

8. THE TEAM: combination of deep tech/AI + eldercare expertise. 1 PhD, 3 MSc.

9. THE VALUE PROPOSITION: example where a small city can save 5million euros /year

Are you interested in investing in us? Don’t hesitate to contact: ville at / info at


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